Who Can Send a Missionary? A review of The Ongoing Role of Apostles in Missions

Dent unapologetically espouses movement-driven missiology, an influential theory prioritizing rapid reproduction of believers and churches as the primary goal of missions. The book offers no argument for this commitment to movements, and I believe there are significant biblical reasons to reject this goal. However, Dent diverges from much of movement missiology in important ways. The book is well-researched and concise, and it rewards critical reading with biblical insight about the missions task. It also offers a worthwhile starting place for those seeking more nuanced dialog with movement-focused missiologists and field workers.

COVID Church Quarantine: Conscience or Convenience

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in many people not gathering with their church for a variety of reasons. Some may not be gathering as they seek to honor the Lord and obey their conscience. Others may be put off by the added hardship that the pandemic has brought to Sunday mornings. In this time, if there is not a matter of conscience, all Christians should press into the hardship and gather with the saints.