We asked our partners what their favorite book of 2021 was and here’s what they said:

“This book was eye opening as a young and new leader. It revealed many of my own weaknesses and helped me to discern how to adjust/repent and become a better leader. I saw my congregation respond in tangible ways to my application of this book.”

Jordan Friesen, Pastor at First Baptist El Dorado, KS

“If anyone has ever read Exegetical Fallacies by D.A. Carson and the caution it gives to preachers, this book will have a similar effect on anyone who ever talks about history. Trueman helps us to think with more clarity and honesty about the past, still encouraging us to learn from the past, but to not use the past irresponsibly. I think this book should help preachers to be very careful to not perpetuate unfounded ideas about church history from the pulpit as well.”

Todd Morikawa, Pastor at Kailua Baptist, HI

The Whole Christ was a very interesting historical account that I really enjoyed reading which filled in some context to some key theological debates. Also, surprisingly practical and directly applicable in pastoral ministry. .” 

Blake Scheideman, International Partner in South Africa

“I used The Wisdom Pyramid as a book study in our church and found it to be very helpful at addressing our culture of novelty and media consumption and how to lead lives where we walk in wisdom. Each chapter has questions at the end so it’s helpful in a book study format.”

Matt Delaughter, Pastor at Immanuel Community Church, New Orleans, LA

“Wells is becoming a quick favorite and The Courage to be Protestant is a great distillation of his 4 volume series and updated in recent years. Second, it clearly works through many key reformation doctrines in contrast to today’s evangelical expression of Christianity with a focus on maintaining or reclaiming the “antithesis” demanded by the gospel. Overall a stellar and refreshing read.”

Nick, International Partner

“I read Delighting in the Trinity with my teenage son and it helped us to mediate on and discuss the beauty and glory of our triune God. It is an excellent example of what theology can and should be—theologically rich and intellectually stimulating all while stirring one’s affections to marvel and worship.”

Matt, International Missionary

“In What I Learned in Narnia, Douglas Wilson speaks of these 7 areas: Authority, Confession of Sin, Nobility, Spiritual Disciplines, Love of Story, Thorough Grace, and Love for God. He speaks of people, situations, and stories from the Narnia books in which we see good examples and bad examples of these. He also gives good explanations for what each are and how they apply to us today. It was very helpful and and enjoyable read..”

David, International Partner

No Shortcut to Success helpfully exposes the errors in Movement Theology.”

Andy Morris, Immanuel Network Director

Enjoy Your Prayer Life is a very short book, so I would recommend reading it very slowly, as I was able to do this last year. I felt that it contained several profound insights on the nature of prayer and God. I believe this book would be well worth the read for anyone who (like me) can tend to think of prayer as a task rather than a privilege.” 

Luke Williams, Pastor

Cal Newport’s no-nonsense, honest, and frank discussion about media usage is a necessary wake-up call. Tools are not evil, tools are simply tools. But when our tools are running our lives, changing our habits, and even rewiring our brains, it’s time for honest reevaluation. Digital Minimalism helps remind one to live an intentional life with purpose and only integrate digital tools into your life where they support your values and goals.

Jonny Atkinson, Communications Director Immanuel Network

The Wonderful Works of God is easily the best single volume systematic theology I have ever read. We are using it for our theology semester in our Timothy Track.

Matt Delaughter, Pastor at Immanuel Community Church, New Orleans, LA