Spirit-Led and Intentional Strategy

In line with our belief that the book of Acts represents a faithful model for church planting and leadership today, we pursue an intentional, Spirit-led, open-to-interruption strategy.

We intentionally seek to plant churches in North America, and among the world’s unreached people groups; however, in these emphases we will continue to seek the active guidance of the Spirit through prayer and fasting.

Proactive Leadership

In leading Immanuel Network strategy, Network leadership will seek to proactively identify planters and opportunities.

We will seek to affirm the specific city or people group callings that the Holy Spirit has already given to individuals, but also aim to actively guide church planters toward our strategic priorities.

Network leadership will research, identify, and mobilize annually for church plants and cultivation works in North America, as well as church plants among international unreached people groups.

Through assessment, training, and relationship, we desire to skillfully match men and women to strategic cities and unreached peoples such that God-given giftings result in new churches.The Network has a five year goal of seeing 22 church plants and cultivation works established in North America, as well as 15 churches started internationally during the years of 2016-2021.

Man Over Model Mentality

We seek to plant churches that are faithful to Scripture and their context—these could be missional house churches or contemporary church plants with a core team, funding established, and a launch date.

We will prioritize the faithfulness of a man instead of a specific planting model and will equip men to understand the faithful spectrum of New Testament church models. Every believer is to be on mission, but churches are to be led by qualified men.

Prioritized Funding

We will protect our financial resources for church planting and supporting church plants as they align with our strategic priorities.

We are passionate about all gospel ministry, but as we’ve prayed and sought to make the most impact with the gifts and position God has given us, these strategic priorities have emerged.