Our Vision

Our Vision

The Great Commission is the responsibility of the local church.

In order for the local church to be faithfully and effectively engaged in mission, she must be led by Godly pastors who are faithful to the pattern and standard of the New Testament.

Pastors lead from the reality of being personally reconciled to Christ and equipped to lead Christ’s Church.

Pastors lead in the power of the Holy Spirit by placing the Gospel at the center of the church’s teaching, prayer, worship, community, and mission.

The pastoral role is to be filled by men who meet the Scripture's standard for leadership: men who are affirmed and sent, and who serve as skilled master builders laying a firm foundation of Jesus Christ and the whole counsel of His Word.

These pastors are those who are Kingdom-minded, who love the local church, and who are filled with and rely on the Holy Spirit. They get their hands dirty in guiding the doctrine and practice of the church.

We believe that pastors are called to lead the church to practice regenerate church membership and church discipline and also embrace the biblical distinctions of gender roles.

They shepherd a church ready to bring transformation to its own community, its region, and to the nations.

Pastors equip the saints for the work of the ministry—training, sending, and multiplying disciples and churches locally and to the ends of the earth.