Immanuel Network Internship


The Aim

The aim of the internship is to further equip you as a leader and equip the church or missionary you’ll be serving. In 2018 the Immanuel Network is seeking interns to serve in North America or internationally for a duration of at least two months. It is our desire to see individuals serve between 2-6 months.   

The Expectation

The expectation of those serving will be to serve the church as led by the pastors at each location. You should expect to serve the church/ ministry site in a variety of ways and be an overall support to the leadership of the church. Categorical activities might include : Strengthening the local church and its member community, Engaging the church’s focus area (lost people in the community), discipleship, leading music on sundays, helping with various projects, and weekly delegated tasks to free up the pastor or missionary.  Each location will have various expectations and projects laid out and developed by the lead pastor or missionary at each location in conjunction with the Immanuel Network.

The Support

Financially we want you to be freed up to serve the body of Christ full time and devote yourself to the ministry and work of the body.  You will support raise at least $2,000 for your internship.  The Network in conjunction with the partnering church / ministry site will then match your raised $2,000 with an additional $2,000 for a minimum of $4,000.  This matching $2,000 is sourced from $1,000 of direct Network funds and $1,000 from the ministry location. Each ministry location will provide basic lodging  for free.  All additional costs, including transportation will be your responsibility.  Additionally raised funds may be required depending on the specific ministry location and length of service. The network will provide you with basic information to help you with the support raising process.  


Current Openings:  North America & International

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