Immanuel Network Summit 2018

February 23rd-25th, 2018
Louisville, KY

The church is called to an impossible task: to raise the spiritually dead, to give sight to the spiritually blind, to make disciples out of those who follow the devil, and to be salt and light in the midst of this increasingly perverse and twisted generation. None of this can be done without the power of God. Without God’s power, we can do nothing.

Where is that power today? Where are those churches that see dead men coming to life and blind men coming to sight? They are few and far between, and the reason for this is simple: the church in our day is simply not clothed in power from on high. And why not? James tells us, “we have not because we ask not!” If we would have power, we must be a people of prayer.

Now, About Your Wives…

Pre-Conference Session
Speaker: Chad Ashby