Featured Sermon: Secret Sins

Ryan Fullerton (Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky) preaches from 2 Samuel 11.

Cultivating Health with Patience in the Local Church

by Todd Morikawa, Pastor of Kailua Baptist Church in Kailua, Hawaii Praise the Lord for the doctrine of sanctification. But let’s be honest. If there was one thing about the work of the Spirit that many of us would change if we could it’s this: the speed. Holiness tends to …

Podcast 02: Crossing Cultures

Podcast 02: Crossing Cultures | In this podcast, Partners talk through engaging in evangelism, planting churches, and forming relationships in a new culture.

Podcast 01: Race Reconciliation

Podcast 01: Race Reconciliation | In the first Immanuel Network Podcast, pastors and partners discuss how they approach race reconciliation within their churches.

Sacred Over Skilled: Discerning Who Should Plant Churches | Who Decides?

by Matthew Delaughter Who Decides He is Called? CHURCH-AFFIRMED PLANTERS Growing up in Western Culture, we have been told to pursue our dreams and not to let anyone tell us any different. Sadly, this cultural thinking has polluted the way we think about calling in the church. Many have been …

Sacred Over Skilled: Discerning Who Should Plant Churches | What He Values

by Matthew Delaughter This is a second blog post in a series called “Sacred Over Skilled.” If you missed Part 1, check it out here. The purpose of this blog is to highlight and prioritize characteristics of church planters that are often neglected. It is not to say that contemporary …

Sacred Over Skilled: Discerning Who Should Plant Churches | Who He Is

by Matthew Delaughter What comes to mind when you think of a church planter? What are their characteristics? Maybe someone who is driven and unconventional in their approach to ministry. I began considering church planting back when I was in community college, and from that time, words I often heard …