Podcast 06: Urban Discipleship

Podcast 06: Urban Discipleship | In this podcast, Andy talks with Ramny and Matt about what discipleship looks like in their city context.

Three Things That Will Never Disappoint in Ministry

This article is an overview of a sermon preached by Pastor Jones Ndzi at the 2019 Immanuel Network Conference. Sermon audio is available at the end of this article. The realities of gospel ministry are often overwhelming, and they should be! How could work that seeks to care for the …

Podcast 05: Team Dynamics

Podcast 05: Team Dynamics | In this podcast, Andy talks with Network partners about team dynamics as church planters/pastors.

Podcast 03: The Priority of Preaching in the Church

Podcast 03: The Priority of Preaching in the Church | The Priority Of Preaching In The Church | In this podcast, Andy and Ryan talk with two Network partners about how important preaching is to the health of a church.

Featured Sermon: Secret Sins

Ryan Fullerton (Pastor of Immanuel Baptist Church in Louisville, Kentucky) preaches from 2 Samuel 11.

Cultivating Health with Patience in the Local Church

by Todd Morikawa, Pastor of Kailua Baptist Church in Kailua, Hawaii Praise the Lord for the doctrine of sanctification. But let’s be honest. If there was one thing about the work of the Spirit that many of us would change if we could it’s this: the speed. Holiness tends to …