A Very Common Clash of Culture

When we assume our own personal or cultural applications are the same as the biblical principle (sometimes we even do this in the name of fighting relativity), we tend to trample on Christian liberty and fight about the wrong things. We can divide the body of Christ over silly things like food, just like Paul warns about.

The Fear-Of-Missing-Out is Biblical

We don’t like to be motivated by fear, at least not in our relationship with Jesus. Fear sounds too much like duty. We want to be motivated by love and do things because of delight. Granted, this is also biblical (2 Corinthians 5:14). But being motivated by fear is also biblical, and human.

What Four Years of Elders Meetings Taught Me About Team Unity

Here was a group of men, a group very diverse in terms of age, background, personality, and gifting. And yet they worked well together, appreciated their differences, and even celebrated them. The one gifted in preaching would praise the one gifted in systems, who would praise the one gifted in wisdom, who would praise the one gifted in the biblical languages.

New Speak

The proliferation of new words being used in mainstream media, academic institutions, and trickling down into the schools seems unending. Alongside these new words exists a cancel-culture, namely, the elimination of certain words and speech. What is going on?

Merciful Evangelism

Often we over-emphasize judgement and under-emphasize mercy in our gospel. But in biblical gospel mercy triumphs over judgement, producing people who are truly merciful in word and deed.

The Dawn of Life Over Death

Death is all around us. It is inescapable. But life, eternal life, is offered to all who trust in Jesus. And the dawn of this life has already begun to shine in the life of the believer.

Kindness Leads to Repentance

by Jonny Atkinson Christians are to be marked by faith and works, word and deeds. It is not an either/or but a both/and.  And both words and deeds ought to characterize our gospel witness as we work as God’s ambassadors to see people repent and believe. Faith comes by hearing …