When Death Threats Led to Belly Laughs

The neighbor waved his gun in one hand and gripped Frank’s throat in the other, yelling into his face. Frank and his daughter kept their eyes on Patty, knowing that there was great danger in her fiery nature exploding on these neighbors. It had always been her personality to fight back even in response to small provocations, which here could lead to a dangerous escalation… and possibly to their deaths.

Aren’t Missionaries Just Colonists?

Aren’t Western missionaries oppressive colonists enforcing their culture upon another? Is there any standard by which to measure a missionaries work? Listen to Stacey, a missionary in Cameroon with her husband, reflect on these accusations with biblical truth.

Church Planter Testimonies E2: Jay Haynes

Church Planter Testimonies: Episode Tw| “Jay Haynes” Jonny Atkinson (communications director for the Immanuel Network) sits down with Network partner Jay Haynes to discuss how the last few years have been church planting in Waiehu, HI.